People, words, places: sufficient, not necessary, conditions for a debatable, personal architectural recipe.
Chez Novembre, in Lodi, in the piazza-parlour, ladies and gentlemen.

Instructions for use:
Enter erasing with your body, the book’s bar code that wraps the entrance vestibule. Proceed by penetrating a tunnel crowded with the luminous presences of denizens of the Factory, whose shadows, craftily taken to the ground, mark the passage like an organic bar code. The option of quenching your thirst involves approaching the opening along the entire tunnel and making a specific request. Walking  on Warhol’s shadow means that the tunnel is finished, and drink in hand, it is time to reverse the crossing with respect to the entrance, for a chance to sit down on Mollinian forms resting on suspended disks that fill the space in the back , where you can enjoy perspective views of the piazza.

The Factory appears in the portrait by Richard Avedon, New York 1969.
The book is A sud di Memphis di Fabio Novembre, Idea Books, Milan 1995.
The bar is at Piazza della Vittoria 25, Lodi, 1998.