Dubl esse | 2016

The saying goes: “You can joke with the jacks, but leave the saints alone.” And if we’re talking about saints, you can certainly leave St. Gregory alone: there are 14 saints with that name, all of them equally recognized by the Catholic church. But he is the St. Gregory by antonomasia: St. Gregory the Great, a saint venerated by both Catholics and Orthodox, who made Christianity shine through the Dark Ages with the light of his faith. There are a number of works of art that depict the saint and with all of them I’ve always been struck by the papal tiara that he’s wearing, also called the triple crown. The three crowns, one on top of the other, represent the triple power of the pope: Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world and Vicar of Christ on earth, but also the three characteristics of the Church: militant, suffering, triumphant. Choosing the same graphic solution for the DUBL is certainly not intended to show any lack of respect, but rather a kind of homage to the person who gave his name to the Sorbo Serpico winery, which, in its relationship with the earth shows itself to be militant, sometimes suffering, but always triumphant.”