Scavolini Stand

Scavolini | 2022

Scavolini presents itself at the 2022 edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano with two new exhibition spaces, Eurocucina and Salone Internazionale del Bagno 2022, with a high stage presence, conceived and designed by Novembre Studio.

The creative format is developed around a large central courtyard that reinterprets, with a contemporary twist, the typical Italian square. An immersive red tunnel accompanies guests towards the boundless bright blue sky that stands out above the metaphysical square where inside and outside merge, creating a suggestive continuum with the collections on display and promoting a total immersion in the Scavolini world. Around this ideal place open in fact a series of arches on the exhibited compositions, each characterized by a strong identity, just to outline the diversity of each house and the different ways of living them.

The two sophisticated architectures, designed to impress with vigor in the memory of visitors, are made unique by a dreamlike and impact setting that combines shape and color in the sign of tradition towards innovation. The arches tell of a new classicism, represented in a modern key, thanks to the combination with contemporary and effect color accents. The arches follow each other in every direction, tipping over the cover, where games of volumes and colors enhance the geometries and elegance of the curves, creating a kaleidoscopic continuity between interior and exterior that underlines the company’s desire to welcome guests in an accessible and inclusive place.

“Scavolini’s great strength is to speak a design language understandable to all. The space must reflect this essential feature, include and accommodate as in the best Italian tradition. An internal square reveals the different ways of contemporary living through classic arches that frame the various environments, turning outwards and upwards to give unexpected perspectives. The Scavolini style is a unity in diversity that only 60 years of experience can achieve, a varied Italian landscape with metaphysical references that always invites you to add a place at the table, with love.”

Fabio Novembre