Le fatiche di Ercole



Such an endeavour could only have this title. Take up the challenge to paint a canvas of 120 square meters in just 24 days as the theoretical and philosophical sum of a lifetime work, is a heroic gesture. And Ercole Pignatelli, in his 80th year of life, could only get to this epic challenge.

Pignatelli is the last survivor of a great generation of Italian artists. His deep experience is put at the service of a story of the past, a portrait of the present and a foreshadowing of the future through three subjects always loved and recurrent in his work: the flower, the woman and the house.

Triennale di Milano is the stage of this encounter-confrontation that will take place in the Impluvium space, specially transformed into an everted ring. At the center of the space it will be the audience admiring the timeless hero who confronts the canvas on a ring that covers the entire perimeter of the room.

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