Iper – 2009 | Legnano is the only city, apart from Rome, cited in the National anthem.
The reason dates back to May 29th 1176 when the legendary Alberto da Giussano countered the assault of the imperial German army headed by Frederick Redbeard.
A symbolic action that gave birth to a group of Italian cities with the aim to get rid of invaders, with a hero that embodied the union of a nation (even if lately misinterpreted by a small secessionist Italian party with xenophobic attitude).
Legnano is a city characterized by a history that recalls chivalrous scenes and symbols, where citizens carried on commercials activities and exchanges protected by fortifications.
IPER asked us for a shopping center in the city of Legnano and we took the chance to celebrate the city and his hero with a huge statue of Alberto da Giussano protecting a fortified building, looking quite plain on the outside but characterized on the inside by a central square as a meeting point and by a market place, with two wings dedicated to secondary and independent activities.