Lavazza Steve McCurry Exhibition

Lavazza | 2015

FROM THESE HANDS: A JOURNEY ALONG THE COFFEE TRAIL is the title of the exhibition dedicated to the photographer Steve McCurry, organized by Lavazza and signed by the architect Fabio Novembre, set up in Milan, from 5 June to 5 July 2015, in the Sala Colonne of the National Museum of Science and Technology.

At the center of the exhibition, 62 shots taken by McCurry in 12 different countries: Brazil, Burma, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam, Yemen.

Fabio Novembre’s staging is designed to accompany the public in the atmospheres evoked by the shots. McCurry’s photos are always the beginning of a journey into which it is wonderful to go into. The idea from which the exhibition was developed thus becomes a labyrinth that integrates perfectly into the geometry of the Column Room of the National Museum of Science and Technology. The visitor will be able to admire McCurry’s works reproduced on panels conceived as pages of an oversized volume. The beauty and humanity that arise from McCurry’s images is amplified by the setting with a strong scenic and immersive impact designed and created by the architect Fabio Novembre.