MediaMarkt Tech Village in Berlin

MediaMarkt Tech Village in Berlin | 2022

The Mediaworld Tech Village opened in Berlin, it is based in the Alexa shopping center in central Alexanderplatz and turns shopping into an experiential event for shoppers and families.
The architectural concept of the Tech Village is inspired by that of the typical Italian square, defined on the perimeter by the external arcades where the technological “botteghe” are housed, forges of technological know-how. Here you will find the sections dedicated to each area of electronics managed by the major brands partners of MediaMarkt. The front of the mall gallery has a strong communicative impact and summarizes the theme of digitalization through the use of a pixel-effect coating in the colors of the brand with gradient towards the entrance. Inside, the central area is animated by the “mercato”, while in the heart of the square pulsate with vitality events and entertainment experience areas.