MediaMarkt Tech Village

MediaMarkt Tech Village in Rotterdam

MEDIAMARKET S.p.a. | 2021

MediaMarkt has chosen Novembre Studio to renew the space of Rotterdam “The Corner” and convert the traditional store model into an unconventional place, based on an experience center in motion, which speaks the language of modernity and the new generations’.


The facade recalls the iconic red of the brand, proposing at the entrance the theme of digitalization with a pixel effect coating that allows at the same time the vision of the interior.

The space is designed as a function of a new type of purchase: as in a urban architecture, the store follows a concentric layout, presenting at its center a core which transmits energy, namely the square and its space experience. Following the so-called “market”, a place of exchange and sale where commercial relationships are born and established but also meeting, thanks to lounges that slow down and relax the flow of the store. As a last link a gallery of corners dedicated to the different partner brands, dominated by the natural wood of the arches that like a porch emphasize the perception of public space.