Metropolis IQOS Installation

Metropolis Installation for IQOS | 2023

A term already coined by the ancient Greeks to identify cities. Places that have always been capable of bringing together, questioning and creating the future. And it is precisely from the concept of the new and of meeting that our Metropolis is born, a place where the design object takes on new life, where the spectator is an actor, where a unique but limited I becomes a us.

An I to the power of N. Thus the IQOS ILUMA Prime models, design objects, become the protagonists of a city: a city of the future, inhabited by its community. A Metropolis where the geometric patterns represent the facades and the landscape in which the IQOS ILUMA Prime are transformed into buildings, among which it is possible to walk, meet, interact and question.

A city capable of making us imagine a tomorrow, where different universes, represented by IQOS ILUMA in its four colors, coexist like the infinite points of view of their inhabitants in a suspended, pulsating, alive unicum.

Where everyone is free, unique and part of something bigger. A metropolis in continuous movement: immersed in the dilated and recognizable sounds that characterize it and by the whirlwind of visitors who cross it.