Per Dormire collection

Per Dormire Collection

Per Dormire Collection | 2021

Novembre took his inspiration from the world of dreams to conceive and design the six beds of the first collection of the “Design Democratico Italiano” project of the brand from Tuscany.

The “Una Fiaba PerDormire” collection beds Castello, Principessa, Regina, Abito, Luna and Nuvola tell little stories, simple hints at enchanted worlds where everyone can imagine themselves and each type can exist in a more or less explicit version, adapting to the various types of customers.

The loggia, the villa, and Casale: three classic typologies of the Italian landscape tradition are the inspiration for Perdormire’s three new beds, which cite their evocative names and graphic forms. Focusing on the strength of architectural proportions, Novembre Studio translates the geometries of the archetypes into a stylised and decorative sign in pop language.

Villa reinterprets the pediment of classical residences.

Fabio Novembre interprets in the precise and essential lines of the Villa’s header, a triangle surmounted by a graphic hole at the apex, the architectural element of the pediment that dominates historic façades, ‘crowning’ the building and enclosing its tympanum. Among the most striking examples of pediments, one need only look at Andrea Palladio’s Renaissance masterpieces: from Villa Badoer to Villa Foscari and Villa Capra.