Perdormire Logo Design

Per Dormire Logo | 2020

Per Dormire asked Novembre Studio to design the company logo. The new logo starts precisely from this assumption: sleep is not a simple opposition to waking, but an active and important phase of life to wich attention, care and love must be devoted, of course. The logo in particular chooses to play with an idea of lightness and sinuosity. Sleep is not a linear path, but is made up of a series of cycles that follow one another, and so the logo finds in the circle a matrix that touches all the elements including the heart. Novembre Studio, chooses in this case to preserve the brand’s pop soul, but with a little rotation, he lays the heart on its side, bringing it to a resting position ready to regenerate energy and return to bitterness even stronger. The rebranding complements the work that Per Dormire and Novembre Studio have been carrying out for several years now on the brand’s entire design.

In 2021 the work of Novembre Studio for the brand Per Dormire sees the declination of the logo on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company.

The logo of Per Dormire is renewed and celebrates 50 years proposing a replication of the pop soul of the brand: 50 hearts, lying on one side to emphasize the position of rest, emphasize the concept already present in the logo and at the same time celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company.