AD Russia – editorial by Settimio Benedusi

guest editor


Once upon a time Fabio met Eugenia. They were in Vicenza and only had time to smell each other, beyond words, but they knew their paths would have crossed again. Infact Fabio liked to tell stories and Eugenia liked to collect them. And they were a man and a woman, and as the proverb says: takes two to tango. So they decided to dance, to weave a net on the web made of words, images, ideas. And they thought they had to share this unique experience with the big audience of AD Russia, desiring to enter inside their houses with the only trojan horse they had: beauty. And they involved their friend Franca, that for the first time opened her magic secret realm to the world, and Franca more than anyone else knows what beauty is about. An uncensored beauty, because there’s no beauty without freedom. So that Fabio and Eugenia got naked, without any filters, to show that we are all the same, and we all want the same thing: to fall in love. This is probably what Italy is about, and what italian design has always tried to say: all you need is love.

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