Sottosopra - Display tartufo stand

Sottosopra – Display tartufo stand

Sottosopra | 2022


The International White Truffle Fair of Alba has chosen Fabio Novembre to design a lift to better appreciate a specimen of Tuber Magnatum Pico.
The concept behind “Sottosopra” refers to a thought as simple as powerful: the indissoluble relationship between the City of Alba and the White Truffle. The display food stand wants to celebrate this relationship by taking inspiration directly from the history of the city and, in particular, from the plan of its historic center, with the “flat” that proposes the octagonal shape of the Alba Pompeia of Roman times. The base and the stem represent the underground origin of the product, through an organic form whose section corresponds to the plant of the historic city center, as well as recalling the forms of truffles.
Sottosopra has been realized thanks to the collaboration with the Social Cooperative Eta Beta of Bologna, which through the project ‘Servito’ puts ingenuity, design and professionalism at the service of social responsibility, inclusion and environmental sustainability.