Strozzi Bistrò

Strozzi Bistrò|2023

Novembre Studio under the guidance of Fabio Novembre has designed Strozzi Bistrò, the new venue located in the exclusive courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi, the well-known Renaissance palace dating back to the first half of the 1500s, located in the heart of Florence. Strozzi Bistrò was conceived with the aim of representing the essence of the place it belongs to that blends a centuries-old history in constant dialogue with contemporary art.

The symmetrical layout of the original cross vaults is then emphasized by a coincident geometric flooring in shades of grey that divides the space into 6 sectors; the same is done for the pre-existing wall capitals, which have been integrated with new ad hoc lighting by reaching the floor through new designed pilasters. The room is thus transformed into a large telescope framing the imposing mirror bottle rack that traces the shape of the original doorway. The bar counter as well as the kitchen space in the hall, on the other hand, are upholstered in ochre leather with a brick pattern that refers to the ashlar of the exterior facade. For the walls, Fabio Novembre designed a covering in shades of blue, the museum’s social color, decorated with the three crescent moons, heraldic symbols of the Strozzi family. Completing the project is an outdoor dehors overlooking the palace’s courtyard, often the site of contemporary art installations from Anish Kapoor to Jeff Koons.