Lexus installation

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Lexus | 2014

Invited by Lexus, together with Nao Tamura and MIT’s Tangible Media Group, our studio has created unique responses for their exhibition “Amazing in Motion”.

‘Any motion can be amazing; it depends on the memories it evokes. Any action can be a dance; it depends on the harmony you put into it. Life itself is a dance that begins with the excitement, joy and splendour of the moment it is conceived. And, if you think about it, everything from infinitesimally small atomic structures to the cosmic motion of planets and galaxies seems to constitute a harmonic dance. You add light and sound and here it is, a small representation of the whole: “We Dance”.

Individual elements orbit around the mirrored sphere in the centre, producing musical sound and directing beams of light toward the centre. The overall effect gives birth to harmony and unity between the orbiting elements, the illumination, and the music. Viewers also become an integral part of this harmony as the light reflected from the sphere and sound reach out to them, and as they view their own reflection in the face of the mirrored sphere.’