Welcome for Driade


Welcome for Driade  | 2023

Welcome is an accessory born from the needs of the time in which we live where technology has taken over and the same tool performs more functions and the design becomes an essential part of every element that becomes part of our lives.

WELCOME is in fact a portable and rechargeable lamp with direct light output, but not only. At the same time it can become a bright table center or a glove box at the entrance of a house. We talk about an object that adapts to the environment and the life of those who live there and that makes welcoming its leitmotif.

Available in white, black and burgundy, Welcome is a dry, almost symmetrical piece, which allows only a relief decoration on the stem and base that highlights even more its contemporary forms.

“The technology we use in everyday life has led to a hybridization of functions that is now part of our lives. I am no longer sure that a lamp should only bring light.” Said the Art Director Fabio Novembre “Perhaps these small tools that accompany us in different environments and atmospheres, on a dining table or on a bedside table next to our bed, could also help us to accommodate other objects, to highlight them or simply to keep them handy. Welcome was born from a gesture of inclusion, a happy coexistence of functions for unexpected combinations” added Novembre.