Blanco’s Tour Artistic Direction

Blu Celeste Tour | 2022


Blanco, the young artist who has conquered the entire Italian music scene with his album “Blu Celeste”, together with Vivo Concerti has chosen Fabio Novembre and his studio for the creative direction of the “Blu Celeste Tour”, sold out within minutes of the announcement.

After winning the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival and having collaborated with artists such as Sfera Ebbasta, Mace, Salmo and Mahmood, Blanco inaugurated his first Italian tour with a stop in Padova on the 3th of April.

For the occasion Fabio Novembre, whose studio spaces from architecture to design and from interiors to installations, has chosen to create a performative experience that actively engaged the public.


“My intention was that Blanco during his first tour would feel at home, in his room, and that all his audience could really enter his most intimate world. In a desaturated chromatic context, creating an experience able to give unforgettable memories.” has commented Fabio Novembre


The original idea is the creation of a show entirely in black and white, which brings Blanco’s camera on stage, representing it with out-of-scale objects. Fabio Novembre has also taken care of the lighting with the light designer Davide Pedrotti, and together with Galattico Studio he has curated all the video contents which, together with the representation of the room, combine natural landscapes, dreamlike references and optical graphics. The described aesthetics combined with the artist’s invitation to his fans to use a dress code for all the stages of the tour, also strictly black and white, turned the show into a collective performance.


The only moment of color in the show coincides with the most iconic and emotional song, Blu Celeste, in which the artist is bathed in light by a blue spotlight and the walls of the room are tinged with moving blue skies. For the show’s grand finale, a sky of pearls made by way of a cloud of disco balls, illuminates the entire onstage and offstage scene.


The tour will end in Milan on the 16th of September at the San Siro Hippodrome.