BluFin Spa | 1994

S.O.S. 11A Old Bond Street London
The Union Jack plays evil tricks.
Its three colours have the pretense of individuality that comes perilously close to that strange “libertè, egalitè, fraternitè” of the barbarians from the other side of the Channel.
What do they hope to achieve these filthy revolutionaries?
It seems that here there might be occurring a strange phenomenon: a complete loss of gravity.
Like black holes, or rather white, blue and red vortices to be precise.
Vortices that swallow up and cancel out the supreme principles of gravity.
The effect on the human is extremely dangerous, almost a call to meditation.
The only lead we have is the factor M.
In fact, a group of our scientists identified, in ages, fortunately, long time extinct, cerebral masses capable of influencing this phenomenon.
On the membrane of glass that encloses the space, you can easily read Molinari, Anna Molinari Blumarine to be precise, whom we think to be the instigator of this conspiracy. Data from the Great Central Computer lists under this name: Italian; female; well-known fashion designer.
In addition, white is Russian. That is to say, I have reason to believe that the inspiration of the white abyss is an “artist” of the 20th-century Russian avant-garde, a certain Malevich.
In fact, you can recognize disturbing traits of uniformity with the works of the above stated.
The structure of the blue cavern is reminiscent of ancient temples that the peoples of those times used to call mosques. Places, where you could practice a faith called Islam and reliable sources, have confirmed that the name Mohammed, was that of the prophet recognized by its followers.
The valve that separates the blue from the red has something vaguely anthropomorphic about it, perhaps a pair of female lower limbs, but I want to hope it is not true. Should it be true it would confirm the accounts of an explorative advance party that swears to have seen giant female shapes surrounding a semitransparent, chaotic, lighting mass born from a red vortex caused by converging blood-red surfaces.
Ritual sacrifices, homicidal maniacs, or a stage-set?
It’s certain that whoever did this had in mind a man called Matisse.
French; painter; that worked in the first half of the 1900s.
Here our references are even more detailed, at least according to the experts. “The dance” (1910), identified in spite of the alteration of the point of view and subtle disguises, and “The red room”.
Small side spaces covered with red velvet and silver fabric and the constant presence of provocative garments present us with images of things that the Great Censor would certainly prevent us from even thinking.
A staircase from the great Victorian age has been seen frozen within a layer of glass resin.
All that I have described I have not been able to decipher from any available formal code of practice.
This leaves me no choice other than to classify it as an act of conspiracy.
What should I do?
I await further orders.

A spacial story
written and directed by Fabio Novembre
produced by Anna Molinari
“giant female shapes” designed by Izhar Patkin
“semitransparent, chaotic, lighting mass” designed by Deborah Thomas
“red vortex” produced by Edra Furnitures
“blue and red surfaces” by Bisazza Mosaics