Lasvit Bang Installation

LASVIT | 2011

In geometry, a Platonic solid is a regular convex polyhedron and its faces are congruent regular polygons. The dodecahedron is a Platonic solid that Plato himself, in his Phaedo, associated to the shape of the universe. According to the Big Bang theory, the universe was originally in an extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly. BANG represents a universe in a state of tension halfway between the rigid geometry of theory and the melting state of reality, halfway between an implosion and an explosion. BANG is the solid sound of evolution.

BANG has been designed on the occasion of the Milan Design Week exhibition Bohemian Rhapsody for the glass company Lasvit.

“Blowing glass has remained one of the most fascinating procedures to create artworks. Drawing incandescent matter with thin metal pipes from a big furnace, contemplate gestures that are at the same time powerful and delicate. And final results are always and anyway one of a kind, like birth. LASVIT is a neologism obtained through the combination of the two words LASKA+ SVIT (love+light), and my attempt was to combine the two things together. Involving Mathieu Lehanneur and Oki Sato (Nendo), two designers that I really admire, is a way of exploring the borders of the material through the different sensibilities that we all have. Naming this experimental, nonfunctional design process after the famous song, is an attempt to recreate the same unexpected and unconventional structure of a rhapsody with the Bohemian excellence of Lasvit.”