Carpisa Retail System

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Carpisa Retail System | 2014

CARPISA, the leading handbag brand in Italy, introduces a new concept that will characterize its boutiques in Italy and the rest world.  To develop the new retail strategy, CARPISA engaged Fabio Novembre Studio to create a strong, meaningful, and long-sighted concept: Galleria Carpisa.

Inside the store, suitcases and bags are framed as if they were artworks, transforming it from mere objects of consumption to fellow travelers to whom entrust memories and personal items. The colors of the interior, in shades of bright green, white, and natural wood, evoke feelings of relaxation and well-being.

The first two locations were the new concept was applied, are the store in Naples, the company’s place of origin, and another one in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, the world’s fashion capital.

Galleria Carpisa aims to add a touch of sacredness in that moment of encounter between humans and goods.The disaffection with the objects that surround us and that often, define who we are, is the basis of all the waste system that increasingly surrounds us. Giving back an aura to the object, framing it as a piece of art, leads us to consider it not simply as an everyday object and appreciate it as a fellow traveler to whom we entrust either memories and personal effects.”  -Fabio Novembre