Divina Discotheque

DIVINA | 2001 

The only input from the client was the name: Divina. That was more than enough to make a story.
As someone said: “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. In spite of an opposite vision of life we have always been attracted to each other, and there’s something magical in the fact that life starts from our conjunction. Personally I’ve always been amazed by the fact that a woman gives birth. Men are creators of things, women are creators of life. The perception of it has brought many sensible men (artists) to the divinization of the woman. The naked female body is pure essence, exploring its secrets opens the doors of perception, relating to its beauty makes you adore it. The advertising mechanisms of using naked female bodies for selling any kind of product is just a vulgar application of a concept as old as the world. I wanted all these thoughts to be filtered through the classicity of 500 years of art history, through the elegance of ageless visionary adorers. The friends I ideally chose for this temple of femininity were people like Velàzquez, Ingres, Giorgione, Cabanel, Mussini, Boucher, Grosso, and of course Courbet with his “L’origine du monde” displayed in a position that quenches the thirst of dancing visitors. Using their paintings wasn’t only an attempt to elevate the souls, but also to stimulate the bodies. In fact, people could get inside the painting, sitting in it, feeling the images on their bodies. That was more of an art history lesson, that was a total experience.