Driade on Stage

Driade On Stage Exhibition

Driade | 2022

Driade on Stage is the new collection of the eclectic brand par excellence, constantly looking for beauty beyond the boundaries of architecture and design that, since its inception, is based on a dialogue between different languages, united by the constant search for the highest aesthetic values.

Presented as a preview during the Milan Design Week 2022 at the Triennale Milano, Driade on Stage is an operation of contamination between the world of design and entertainment and art.

The designer Marcelo Burlon, the trapper Sfera Ebbasta, the artist Omar Hassan and the gamer and content creator Pow3r, led by the artistic director of the brand architect Fabio Novembre, are the authors of 4 new projects.

“Not considering myself a purist, I believe that true creativity comes from the interaction between different disciplines. In this regard, I have always loved to surround myself with friends actors, musicians, stylists and artists to have a different point of view on the world.

Today that point of view is mature enough to propose design solutions up to the height of a historic brand like Driade. What the founder called an “aesthetic laboratory” this year uses the collaboration of four friends, absolute excellence in their respective fields of reference, which with absolute unpredictability will shape their thoughts.”

Fabio Novembre