La Martina store

La Martina Retail System

La Martina | 2023

La Martina, the well-known Argentine brand linked to the world of polo, has chosen Fabio Novembre and his Studio to design its new Milanese store.

For the brand’s flagship store, Novembre Studio has designed a space inspired by La Casona, the large store in Buenos Aires created by its founder from which it all began. The project involved the rethinking of the external facade and the creation of the first La Martina store’s atmosphere, but with attention to the Milanese sensibility and a look towards the world.

The entire facade has been designed using a single pearl white color on the entire surface that is emphasized by a new lighting idea that enhances the building.

Inside, the store is distributed on two levels with a large double height on the entrance, a large skylight and a small internal courtyard. The materials that distinguish the space are raw bricks, black steel of the beams and wood tones that are positioned on the ground and on the wall.

Novembre Studio has chosen to interpret the great dialog between La Martina and Polo’s world with a series of elements that distinguish the environments: the wooden furnishings are in fact all characterized by black poles edged in the bright green of the brand in line with the doors of the Polo; the lighting of the large double height consists of a series of luminous leather hangers and refers to the horses’ bridles. In the same way, the doors of the dressing rooms divided, into two elements, reinterpret the gates of the stables. ” This project celebrates one of the oldest partnerships, the ones between man and horse.” This is what Fabio Novembre said about the new store.

Entering the space that develops in length, we find an area characterized by a large LED surface, one of which forms an angle from the ground to the ceiling on the first floor. Going on, there is a second double height that takes up the Casona brand’s character with a wide choice of technical materials related to the pole. Above the room you will discover a skylight from which hang luminous elements, inspired by riding equipment, form a sort of dome facing inwards.

On the first floor the freestanding furnishings with lightboxes and integrated screens tell the stories of each La Martina capsule. These elements completely invade the space until they become a boiserie that distinguishes the entire balcony wall. The floor is instead a reinterpretation of the classic motifs of Argentine architecture made of ceramic checkerboard elements, here revisited in two tones of wood; the original ceiling has been turned to pearl white as the facade to create a neutral backdrop.

To express its territory La Martina has chosen to bring the flavor of Argentina not only in its products and in its store, but also around the table. This is why at the entrance of the store, separated by a large sliding wall, there is a bistro, called “El bar del polo”, which takes the shapes and colors of the store.