Franko B Installation

Franko B Installation | 2010

The exhibition setting on the occasion of the Franko B solo at the PAC gallery in Milan is  an iconic and chromatic journey.

Five rooms totally redesigned starting from the first one intentionally darkened to create a single entrance to the second one through a Greek cross into the wall. From darkness to light, from the black entrance to the white second room, cold and aseptic with the Franko B portraits looking at the visitors from the walls. The third room, a wedge in the space, compresses it until converges into a single point drawing the attention, the look, and the light towards a wood made of embalmed animals and branches. From the triangle, to the hexagon in a geometrical reference that leads to the fourth room is totally dark, inspired by a bourgeois living room equipped with a fireplace. The last room resembles a chapel, a cross temple, it is a starting point, and the ending one of the whole exhibition.

The huge windows that frame the garden are redesigned with a red film that covers them, filtering the light according to a chromatic choice. The same red shade is the essence of the knitted paintings on the second floor and the color of the carpet that leads the visitors through the exhibition. The three colors, the white of the walls, the black of the acrylic, and the red of the film are the chromatic code through which reading and looking at the Franko B universe and the design project by Novembre Studio.