LOVE – Cuoio di Toscana

LOVE – Cuoio di Toscana | 2021

An exclusive piece of furniture is created for a unique version and completely designed in leather. A project that finds its roots also in the very concept of Love/Love, the one that gives its name to the console, and that becomes a symbol of affection, union, empathy, in a historical moment in which these feelings are more necessary than ever. The Love console becomes a container of love, covered in one of the most elegant and precious materials.

“This collaboration is the result of a natural encounter between two Italian excellences: Design and craftsmanship. We started with the Cuoio di Toscana logo, a heart, and we created a real love manifesto by covering the Love console entirely in leather.” comments Fabio Novembre, artistic director of Driade.

A collaboration with Fabio Novembre and Driade that wants to bring attention also on the theme of sustainability and all those quality and ethical standards of the Consortium that have always been the protagonists of its productions. A commitment already underlined through the Sustanaibility Statement with which Cuoio di Toscana has formalized and defined the best sustainability practices of member companies, highlighting, first of all, that leather is a 100% natural resource, renewable and recovery, ie recovered from waste from the food industry otherwise intended for disposal, and processed into a quality material. Welfare and traceability are in fact priorities for Cuoio di Toscana, which requires that the leather comes from non-intensive farms and that the slaughter methods are cruelty free.

Central to Cuoio di Toscana’s vision are also the concepts of inclusivity and diversity, which become the subject of the claim of collaboration under the name of «No Boundaries». The concept of breaking down borders wants to underline how also a cult object and part of the heritage of Driade, which is the console “Love”, has been enriched by getting a new skin, that of leather, proving to have eliminated the limits of application of the material and opening up to new contexts and markets.