Golden Goose Capsule Collection | 2023

Most living systems base their existence on a circulatory system that transports fluids into the body.

I have always assimilated cities to living bodies in which vehicular traffic represents the sap that feeds the system.

The uniqueness of Venice is perceived even more by observing the Grand Canal, which as a large artery connects and connects each tributary channel.

Here each beat resembles the visitor’s experience tuned to the liquid frequency of Venice, a flow punctuated by immersive pulses that mark a timeless time.

In the iconic portico of the Pescheria I tried to recreate the physical and acoustic experience of a beat, through an immersive tunnel made of blue portals that recreate a forced perspective towards the symbolic discovery of the Grand Canal.

Beat that returns for the Capsule Collection in the form of 20 specimens of a transparent block of methacrylate in whose reflections vibrates a blue line that like a blade crosses the volume, as the Grand Canal crosses Venice.

And the T-Shirt, faded and inaccurate as if by immersion in water, where the typical horizontal lines of the gondolier change at heart level in the pattern of a beat.

And the shoe, a Stardan sneakers treated by Venetian furlana, with the phrase “We are made of Water. And so is the World.” handwritten on the foxing.