GOYA. La ribellione della ragione

GOYA. La ribellione della ragione | 2023

The exhibition designed by Novembre Studio explores Goya’s artistic growth by creating an itinerary that develops symbolically from light to dark, thus expressing the transformation of the artist’s works from the beginning of his academic training to the depiction of the horrors of the Spanish War of Independence.

Each section is thus characterized by a different tone of gray on which a continuous band develops, a long ribbon contrasting with the backdrop that embraces all of the author’s masterpieces. In the case of the most important works, the band breaks away from the wall, creating a sharp edge and bringing the painting with its enlargement beside it toward the viewer.
The theme of the gradualness of color finds a single interruption in the section devoted to war, which uses a vivid blood red as its background color.
“Working space through color with Goya was an inevitable choice. The darkness that slowly invests his works expands in the rooms of the Royal Palace and explodes blood red at the most dramatic moment. On this hue unravels a wall ribbon that supports the paintings and enlarges them with protruding wedges as if to touch the viewer, to awaken him from the torpor in which he was immersed through Goya’s revolutionary art.”