Green Rabbit

Green rabbit for Natuzzi | 2023

To celebrate twenty years of Negramaro’s career Fabio Novembre, Giuliano Sangiorgi and Pasquale Junior Natuzzi present the Green Rabbit armchair for Natuzzi.

Green Rabbit represents an experience where comfort and sound blend together: sinuous and enveloping volumes follow one another in this comfortable seat upholstered in wool bouclé and made multisensory by an integrated audio system. The swivel base is embellished with a shiny golden sphere that supports and raises Green Rabbit, evoking that pop approach which is part of Fabio Novembre’s signature style. But what makes Green Rabbit a cult object are the long ears that rise from the sides of the back and define its design.

“Like Alice in Wonderland, Negramaro too have chased their green rabbit, revealing unprecedented musical scenarios and frescoing them with notes and words that have become part of our experience. We imagined an armchair that could represent the guiding spirit of their twenty years of success and that could become a comfortable den in which to take refuge while everything flows before our enchanted eyes”. -Fabio Novembre