IONOI Gallery

IoNoi Gallery

IONOI | 2022

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2022 opens in Milan “IoNoi Gallery”, the first concept store by Fabio Novembre.
Fabio Novembre, the well-known architect and designer, chose to create a space where it was possible discover and buy all the creations of his studio.

The name IoNoi derives from a research project created by November that over the years has the genesis of ideas, the relationship between the I and the US, and finally between things and their universe of reference. People and things are born from other people and other things. The search for connections,  often unplanned and undeclared, helps pave the way for an approach to knowledge inclusive and transversal. The story does not take place in separate compartments, but is both cause and effect. New interpretative horizons are played out in the free comparison of references.

Today the project evolves into “IoNoi Gallery”, a physical space that contains and exposes the imagination by Fabio Novembre made of industrial objects and art design in a continuous link between design, architecture, art and fashion.

The space from the strongly postmodern imagination, in the wake of the philosophy of the architect and his masters, exposes the main objects that over the years the studio has created for brands such as Kartell, Driade, Venini, Villari, Lasvit etc.

Ionoi is in via Perugino 24 in Milan.