Lavazza – Con te partirò

Lavazza | 2011

The photographic monograph related to the Exhibition Lavazza con te partirò graphically designed by onlab, tells not only the story of the curatorship by Fabio Novembre but reports also all the protagonists that have taken part to the project: the calendars of the past editions, the 2012 new one and the great masters of photography from Helmut Newton to La Chapelle passing through Annie Leibovitz and Erwitt.

In a calendar, one turns the pages vertically. That’s why according with onlab we decided from the start to set all photographs perpendicular to the text. With this conceptual twist we evoke the calendar experience when it comes to images and the book experience when it comes to texts.

“A good installation project should always consider the audience as an integral part of the scene, making it both spectator and actor; the public should be encouraged to cross the threshold that usually divides the work of art from its audience. Following these criteria, the exhibition at the Triennale di Milano – Teatro dell’Arte, is a total immersion in the world of art photography that Lavazza has developed over the past 20 years of calendars. The screen grabs the scene encompassing part of the audience and projecting on its threedimensional surface a unique story of travel and seduction making use of the project mapping technique. A ladder suspended in the void gives viewers the opportunity to cross the stream of projected images, to pass through the curtain and find themselves in the proscenium area, sucked into a vortex of architecture that reveals every page of this unknown story. A final section will represent the past with the 19 previous calendars, the present with the 2012 calendar with inscription by the respective photographers, and the future with the photographs from the photo scouting talents.” -Fabio Novembre