Meltin' Pot

The collaboration with the Italian denim brand, from 2004 to 2010, led to various types of projects: from the showrooms to all the trade fairs, as well as the design of the furnishings and accessories in the retail facilities. The goal was to create a new image for a brand that was approaching the international market and required new communicative icons. The same spirit was applied in the two showrooms in New York and Milan, both reflecting their geographical location. The first features the three-dimensional development of the American flag which explodes in the space, adding character to every zone. A symbol
that becomes space: blue as the floor backdrop, red as a ribbon in mid-air that wraps the columns and becomes a counter, white in the neutral space of the ceiling and the star-shaped display fixtures. The second showroom embodies the muted chromatic impact of Milan, evoking the language of a subway station with the aim of becoming an exchange node for the flow of people in the city. The display tables run through a two-story space rendered homogeneous by the grey of the ceramic and metal facings. The only touches of colour are the yellow furnishings and the blue tones of the displayed denim garments.