MITI and MONUMENTI for Tapis Rouge

Tapis Rouge | 2022


Monumenti collection


The meaning of the Monuments collection is given by the name itself, whose etymology comes from the Latin monere, remember, essential act to take care of our past.
Ancient architectural plants, visual abstractions that through the shape and yellowed color impose an effort of memory.

“A form of respect for our own roots, transformed into soft surfaces inside our homes, on which to move new steps between past and future.”

Fabio Novembre


Collezione Miti


Apollo, God of the arts and sciences, and Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty and love, are like two sides of the same coin: the ethical-aesthetic combination that they represent was the foundation stone of all Greek culture.
Specifically, it is “Apollo del Belvedere”, a sculpture considered for the harmony of proportions one of the most beautiful works of all antiquity, expression of the concept of “beautiful ideal”, and an extremely graceful head of Aphrodite, in which the ajar lips and the movement of the head play a role of extreme seduction.

“The transposition of Apollo and Aphrodite on the soft surface of a carpet wants to be the symbol of an eternal charm that takes inspiration from the human being to transform into divinity.”

Fabio Novembre