Motorsport Network Tower

Motorsport Network Tower

Motorsport Network Tower|2021

Motorsport Network, the largest Media Company in the world of engines, has chosen Novembre Studio and Fabio Novembre to design the interiors of its new Headquarter in Miami and best express the DNA of the group.

Over the years, Motorsport Network has integrated several aspects related to the world of engines, from information to digital content, from live events to e-sports, reaching and connecting millions of people who share the same passion. The largest digital content company dedicated to motorsport has identified the Little Haiti area in Miami as the ideal location for its new tower. In line with the new development trend in Miami that is changing the city’s skyline.

The idea behind the project is the synergy between sinuosity and dynamism that characterizes the movements in the world of cars. Power and speed embody the forms of these new spaces, designed to express the same energy as a supercar.

The 14 floors of the tower, in addition to the offices of all sectors of the group, will house several areas dedicated to e-sports, exhibition spaces, a large food court and a prestigious collection of cars protagonists of the space.

The double-height atrium enhances the cars on display, allowing the view also from the first floor, where the lounge areas and the custom bar are located. The dynamic force continues within the food court, where warmer materials such as wood and pigmented concrete are used. The rooftop frames Miami’s skyline in a flexible space thanks to high-profile furnishings that form a continuous lounge area.

The new Headquarters, born from the synergy between Novembre Studio and Motorsport Network, inaugurated in 2023.