Regolo for Busnelli | 2023

Regolo is an extremely expressive sofa characterized by the use of pure geometries, linear shapes and orthogonal angles. A modular sofa with an architectural style perfectly in line with Novembre Studio’s design philosophy, capable of enriching both a living and outdoor environment thanks to its elegance and character. The individual modules are composed in addition to the seat, an armrest and a removable backrest of the same dimensions, allowing the user to compose the sofa as desired. An object platform that can expand through new components, new colors and finishes that allow the object to be potentially customized and modified over time.

“There is no doubt that the 1970s was the most rock era ever, and that is why we chose to take inspiration from that period for our ruler, which precisely of its hardness even in its name and its hard shapes best represents this idea. Hard and stiff on the outside but comfortable and soft on the inside.”

Fabio Novembre