Scavolini | 2020

In an increasingly connected world where functions are hybridized inside homes, Scavolini and Fabio Novembre address the needs of the new generations with a proposal that integrates: communication, change and sharing.

A “speaking” and connected kitchen (but also a living room and a bathroom) with a pop concept, strong and playful aesthetic approach: Dandy Plus with its updated shapes, recalls the historical Scavolini model, Dandy’s 80s best seller, and it reveals itself as a clear homage to the most expressive Italian design, characterized by soft curves, decorative textures and bright colours. Following this theory, the idea of bringing the voice of Alexa into our home came up.

The intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, which it is integrated into the BTicino Living Now controls, proves to be fundamental for interacting with the kitchen appliances, consulting a recipe, entertaining with soft music and maybe ordering a food delivery if the making goes unliky.

With Dandy Plus, Scavolini takes the opportunities of the digital world in order to create the first native Alexa inside furniture system.

The Dandy Plus project (kitchen, living room and bathroom) embodies all the experience and technological innovation of Amazon Alexa that, in partnership with Scavolini, has created an innovative solution designed for the best customer experience. Through a landing page on, it will be possible to view the project with its peculiarities and then finalize the purchase directly on the Scavolini Shop, the online channel of the company, launched in 2017.