Molino srl | 1999

A story and a project in two acts. A bar and a restaurant, two spaces with almost similar areas, interconnected, two different ways of thinking about socializing.
In the bar the counter is a wave that is amplified in growing profiles and thicknesses and seems to explode, giving form to the entire space. An expressionist sign, enlivened by artificial lights that add green tones to an environment open to view, permeable to the gaze, where the people sitting at tables are ‘put on display’ and quite visible from the street. The restaurant space is wrapped in an elegant shade of black (floor, walls, drapes). The ceiling is like a big electrical system with individual lighting fixtures that utilize real printed circuits as shades. At the centre two gigantic gilded arms coinciding with existing pilasters brazenly support the ceiling, alluding to the Egyptian divinity Shu, who according to myth supported the heavens. The use of glass is also original: the bar counter is clad with glass, breached, coupled in many thicknesses, while the walls are covered with panes exploded by bullets.