Tarco Group SRL | 2000

If the world were a belly its button would be New York. If New York had a belly, its skin would be of crocodile: the only animal immune from genetical mutation whose belly represents a unique fetish for the human beings since ever. Tardini is a shop of crocodile accessories based in New York, halfway between a temple dedicated to the crocodile god and a pop communication manifesto; from the outside the predominant sensation is that of getting sucked into the belly of a huge alligator whose skin covers roof and walls linking them with a loop that hides the offices, the cash desks and the toilets.
Man eats and wears other animals proclaiming his leadership on earth; but a new ecosystem based on balance needs respects and consciousness able to bring towards an evolute consumerism, a new illuminism concerning man and his relationship with what surrounds him. It’s no longer the age of overwhelming, it’s time for living together. Thanks God crocodile for your reminder.