Tino Sana

The Tino Sana Stand project for the Salone del Mobile 2018 is a blast in the exploration and journey imaginary. The key feature of the concept, in fact, is the Grand Tour theme, long trips undertaken during the XVII by English and French young aristocrats to attain the definitive cultural and intellectual maturity. So, a travel trunks-made spiral stands at the center of the space, inviting visitors to get inside and look at the products. The strong sense of heterogeneity between trunk is given by the differentiation of covering tissues inside them. All around the spiral there are seats and poufs that let visitors just relax. As perimeter of the space, there are two giant maps, perpendicular each other, of different epochs. The first one is a XV century reedition of  Ptolemy’s world map (the first map ever made), the second one is the Delisle map, the one used during the Grand Tour journeys.