Sfera Ebbasta Tour X2VR 2024

Tour X2VR 2024 Sfera Ebbasta | 2024

Novembre Studio designed the set design for the tour, gathering the urban suggestions that the artist has always narrated in his songs. The result is a scenic machine central 10 meters high that resembles on one side a city and on the other a kind of gigantic throne symbolizing the success that precisely on the artist’s origins is based. The structure consists of large vertical movable elements covered with LED nets that simulate multiple scenarios including windows of city skylines. On the other hand, the large central staircase that leads to the first platform is composed of led screens and opens up, transforming everything into an imposing portal framing the artist and his guests. To enhance the grand architecture even more during the show, some performers skilled in parkour able to exploit the platforms at all levels, accompanied by video content produced by Galattico Studio.