Tribute to Riccardo Dalisi

Fabio Novembre in collaboration with Feudi di San Gregorio, presents at Edit Cult Napoli a tribute to Maestro Riccardo Dalisi through an installation depicting a pair of sculptures inspired by his artistic work.

“Riccardo Dalisi has often been inspired by Pinocchio with his sculptures, and Totocchio is perhaps the most recognized character in his fantastical imagination.
Just like the world’s most famous puppet, Totocchio (and Dalisi) have always sought life.
As a tribute to Dalisi, a pair of sculptures freely inspired by his work, Totocchio and Soficchia (like the protagonists of “Miseria e nobiltà”), dance moved by the wind of Naples, as if animated by Dalisi’s creative breath that still continues to blow today.”
Fabio Novembre