Vodafone Gameroom

Vodafone I 2021

Vodafone, always attentive to the world of esports, in tandem with the agency WSC, has chosen to completely rethink the gamerooms of the two most important Italian gamers: Favij, first national youtuber with over 6 million subscribers and Pow3r pro player of the Fnatic team and star of Twitch.

Novembre Studio has been chosen to design the spaces with the aim of recreating an immersive experience inherent to the reality of gaming and at the same time to that of living. These are real evolutionary environments designed for gaming performances and of course streaming: if on the one hand the design is strongly recognizable thanks to the use of dynamic shapes and attractive lights, on the other hand the technology will allow the two gamers to have a truly structured experience in the creation of content with video and audio systems that will follow them in their movements in the house in a fluid immediate way and that will make even easier the interaction with their audience.

Esports are an increasingly important theme for all brands and Novembre Studio with the support of WSC and the foresight of Vodafone has set a new design standard in the environment.