“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best!”

The words of Oscar Wilde are sufficient to sum up the project for RCR Cristalleria Italiana’s line of tasting glasses produced in partnership with a world-famous designer like Fabio Novembre.

Why does Luca Gardini choose Novembre and why does Novembre choose Gardini? Both believe strongly in an extremely unique value that seems to have been forgotten these days: simplicity, simplicity in things, in everyday objects.

Which is why they decided to turn some typical wine glass clichés upside down.

Sic et simpliciter, the point of WORLD’S BEST is plain and simple: to give wine – the earth’s poetry, as writer Mario Soldati rightly defined it – its proper value. The intention is to engage an experience that is rich in taste and identity, able to communicate appropriately and simply, in other words in the most genuine and least sophisticated way possible, sensations that we will experience only in wine, perceiving through nose and palate and, above all, through heart and mind.

An experience for all, tasting for everyone, tasting at your fingertips.