WP Lavori in corso | 2020

The project of the chain of new stores “WP Lavori in corso” was born from the idea of creating an environment that can accommodate the different brands of the group and highlight their value. For over three decades, “WP Lavori in corso” has created an aesthetic model that has influenced the way of understanding clothing, both in Italy and abroad, giving space to brands that share values, that are the engine of their search. The concept behind the definition of WP spaces is the identification of a common thread between the different philosophies of the brands. The stores are characterized by a subtle game of cross-references: from outdoor sports to catwalks (fashion shows but also industrial spaces) to the theme of the changing room and outdoor culture, from tartan that returns in different declinations to natural, wooden or completely green surfaces. In a society that goes faster and faster and that pays less and less attention to what surrounds it, a great work has been done in defining the external image of the Store: a bright full-height tartan, with a strong impact in any urban context. The project follows clear lines of effectiveness and clarity for the display environments. Effectiveness for the ease of moving the elements, clarity because the furniture helps the division of spaces dedicated to different brands.

There are also elements designed ad hoc, such as the large green fabric wall that immerses the visitor in a climbing forest of mosses, plants and lichens: a perfect synthesis between craftsmanship and nature, or the long candlestick designed and produced by Jacopo Foggini, which raises the bar in terms of style and elegance. All these elements give life to an exclusive space, perfectly in line with the philosophy of the brand.